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Структура университета Версия для слабовидящих
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The campus includes two dormitory buildings: two 9-storey buildings at 4 Krasnogvardeyskaya Street (Building 1 with an area of 6,256.4 m2 and Building 2 with an area of 6,858.2 m2). The two buildings are connected by a covered passage. The passageway houses a shaping room and a cafeteria.

The dormitories neighbour the main building of the University. In walking distance - Omsk State Regional Scientific Library named after Pushkin, Mayakovsky Cultural and Leisure Centre. Nearby are the main routes of urban public transport.

Students live in 2- and 3-bed rooms. Each faculty is assigned its own floor. Accommodation in the rooms is based on the wishes of the students. There are two kitchens on each floor, toilet rooms are located in each section (block).

All residents of the dormitory are provided with furniture and bedding, changing linen is carried out weekly.

All residents of the dormitories participate in maintaining the sanitary condition of living rooms and common areas, as well as in the improvement and landscaping of the campus.

The following medical procedures must be completed upon arrival in order to move into the dormitory:

  • Blood test (blood for the microreaction test is taken from the finger);
  • Chest fluorography;
  • Examination for pediculosis.

The cost of the hostel is 1006, 00 rubles per month.

October 2023