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Структура университета Версия для слабовидящих

The development of international cooperation in the field of science and education is one of the priorities of the OSPU.

The university supports the academic mobility of both  incoming and outgoing student. Since 2020, the implementation of academic mobility using e-learning and distance learning technologies has been practiced.

OSPU is a member of the association of pedagogical universities of Kazakhstan and Russia for the development of cross-border education. Members of the association join forces to achieve common goals and objectives in the development of international cooperation in the field of educational research. Every year, on the basis of OSPU, undergraduates and doctoral students of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan conduct a scientific internship in the following areas: biology, chemistry, pedagogical education, psychological and pedagogical education, history, foreign language, physics, mathematics.

The university annually holds various events that contribute to the further development of cooperation between OSPU and countries of near and far abroad. Among them are international scientific and practical conferences and forums, the materials of which are published in collections, fairs and presentations of international educational programs, international youth projects, seminars, round tables and lectures on international education.

At OSPU, foreign students successfully complete bachelor's, master's and postgraduate programmes. At the Faculty of Philology of OSPU there are courses of Russian as a foreign language to improve the level of Russian language proficiency of foreign students, including the use of e-learning and distance learning technologies.

One of the indicators of the university development efficiency is the introduction of the pan-european diploma supplement for OSPU graduates - Diploma supplement. Since 2018, OSPU has been issuing the Diploma Supplement (OEPD) at the personal request of graduates.

Omsk State Pedagogical University is the only accredited examination center for the reception of the international French language exam DELF/DALF in the Omsk region. The DELF/DALF exam is specifically designed to assess oral and written speech skills, upon successful completion of which a diploma is issued confirming the level of proficiency in French and recognized worldwide. The document is needed by everyone who is going to study or work in France. Students from other countries who have obtained a diploma of sufficient level for admission are enrolled in French public higher education institutions under the same conditions as French citizens. Every year dozens of students take the DELF/DALF exam at the Omsk State Pedagogical University Examination Centre.

As a result of the university's productive work aimed at the development of international cooperation, new cooperation agreements are concluded, the geography of interaction between Omsk State Pedagogical University and foreign educational institutions is expanding.